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Feb 04, 2016 · This script assumes you have already installed and configured Ansible, downloaded the Git Repo and installed the WinRM python module. Define your group variables. Create a hostgroup.yml file in this folder. This is where you specify the username, password and WinRM port to use.

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Simple script to check open ports on a remote host and restart via ssh/ansible if down. - check_ports.sh ... # loop through list of ports:

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This task will loop over each user and populate their authorized_keys file with the 4 keys defined in the list. PDF - Download ansible for free Previous Next

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Instead of using the wait_for module's delay parameter, you make it into an Ansible loop by setting the delay and retries attributes not at module level, but rather at task level - this is where Ansible loop control becomes aware of what you're trying to do is something repetitive, rather than just waiting for some random module to finish, and ...

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Lookups are executed with a working directory relative to the role or play, as opposed to local tasks, which are executed relative the executed script. Since Ansible version 1.9, you can pass wantlist=True to lookups to use in Jinja2 template “for” loops.

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Feb 04, 2016 · This script assumes you have already installed and configured Ansible, downloaded the Git Repo and installed the WinRM python module. Define your group variables. Create a hostgroup.yml file in this folder. This is where you specify the username, password and WinRM port to use.

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This task will loop over each user and populate their authorized_keys file with the 4 keys defined in the list. PDF - Download ansible for free Previous Next

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Oct 31, 2015 · According to slide 15 here, in Ansible 2 you can loop over multiple tasks which is really good to hear. However, it seems you can only loop over tasks, and not roles. I don't understand why you can't loop over roles, but am really encouraged to see the feature included. It's also great to hear that Ansible 2 is backwards compatible with version 1.

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If you write a bash for loop (see an example below), it will execute the command on servers one by one. This is not a problem as such for our example, but if the number of servers are many, then it might take quite sometime to finish the process (as the command will be executed on one server at a time, and then proceed to the other).

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The first one would take care of looping and running the second one, which would contain the steps you want to loop over. If I recall ansible sets a non zero exit code if plays fail so you could perhaps check for that in the looping playbook.

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In the above example, two commands are executed on the remote device, and the results are evaluated. By specifying the result index value (0 or 1), the correct result output is checked against the conditional.

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The issue arises from the way Ansible loops over the tasks to perform and the hosts to reach: for each task, it loops over the hosts list; for each host, it adds in the task queue a new sub-process in charge of executing the current task on the current host (technically, there is a limited number of workers - i.e. sub-processes - that can be queued at the same time).

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Aug 14, 2014 · That will loop over groups['webservers'] making item be an individual host in the group, then you can just grab what you need from hostvars. On Thu, Aug 14, 2014 at 4:16 PM, Abe Voelker wrote:

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Ansible terminologies: Inventory-A file (by default, Ansible uses a simple INI format) that describes Hosts and Groups in Ansible. Inventory can also be provided via an Inventory Script (sometimes called an “External Inventory Script”). Jinja2-Jinja2 is the preferred te m plating language of Ansible’s template module. It is a very simple ...

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Common Ansible loops include changing ownership on several files and/or directories with the file module, creating multiple users with the user module, and repeating a polling step until a certain result is reached. Ansible offers two keywords for creating loops: loop and with_<lookup>.

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--- - hosts: localhost gather_facts: no tasks: - name: Loop over lines in a file debug: var: item with_lines: cat "./files/lines" with_lines here is actually loop with lines lookup, to see how the lines lookup works, see the code here , it just runs any commands you give it(so you can give it any thing like echo, cat etc), then split the output ...Jul 02, 2019 · This is a good place to start to understand the basics of what Ansible can do prior to learning the playbooks language – ad-hoc commands can also be used to do quick things that you might not necessarily want to write a full playbook for. Generally speaking, the true power of Ansible lies in playbooks.

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